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Configure Outlook 2003/2007 from home using the VPN
Type : Solution   |   Updated On : Aug 31, 2010 08:54 AM
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You will first need to download and install the VPN client - you can get it here:

PLEASE make sure you reboot after installing the VPN.

Once you have installed the VPN and rebooted, double click the VPN icon and when the program comes up select the Rowan connection and
click “Connect”. After you have logged in you should be able to configure Outlook and log into the exchange domain following the directions below.

Configuring Outlook:

Make sure Outlook is installed completely (Run add/remove programs in the control panel and select Microsoft office and click the change button and then select "add or remove features" and then click on "Outlook" in the install list and select "run ALL from my computer")

Once it's installed, start it up and it may ask you if you would like to use "Internet Mail Only" mode or "Corporate/Workgroup" mode.  Make sure you select "Corporate/Workgroup" mode.

Once it finished configuring, close it and do the following steps:

Go to: Start | Control Panel | Mail (or mail and fax) Select "Show profiles"
Click "Add"
Name your profile
Check “Add a new e-mail account” and click next (For Outlook 2007 click "Manually configure server settings" at the bottom of the screen)
Check "Microsoft Exchange Server"

Input server ( and mailbox name (username) and UNCHECK “Use cached exchange mode” then Click "Finish."

Choose your new profile from the drop down menu and select “Always use this profile” and then click “OK”

Once you have added your profile:

Select "Show Profiles"
Make sure your exchange profile is listed under "When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile."

(If you can’t add an exchange profile that means Outlook is in Internet Only Mode.  To change that open Outlook and go to “Tools/Options” and click the “Mail Services” tab.  At the bottom click “Reconfigure Mail support” and choose “Corporate or Workgroup”.  You should then be able to follow the rest of the instructions)

You should now be able to open Outlook and login.

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