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ClearPass: Getting Started


What Is ClearPass?

ClearPass is the gatekeeper to the Rowan University network. ClearPass ensures that computers, tablets and other devices meet certain security requirements, like updated anti-virus software, before connecting to the University's network. 

Who Needs ClearPass?

Students and employees with personal computers must register their computers with ClearPass in order to connect to RowanSecure.

Employees and medical students who bring a personal mobile device to campus must also register their device in order to connect to RowanSecure. 

Students on the Glassboro campus do not need to register their mobile devices in order to connect to RowanSecure. To connect to RowanSecure from a mobile device, students should select RowanSecure and log in with their Network username and password. 

How Do I Register My Device With ClearPass?

Before downloading ClearPass, make sure you have anti-virus software installed on your computer. For a list of recommended anti-virus software programs, visit the IRT website




Mobile Devices (Employees & Medical Students Only)


Game Consoles & Entertainment Devices (Glassboro Only)

Can I Prepare My Device to Connect Before Arriving on Campus?

Yes. Students and employees can take steps to prepare their Windows and Mac computers to connect to the Rowan Network before arriving on campus.

For instructions, review our Prepare Your Computer From Home article