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Information Technology Acquisition Process (ITAP): Getting Started


What Is ITAP?

The Information Technology Acquisition Process (ITAP) ensures that all information technology (IT) resources purchased at Rowan University are compatible with existing technology and meet security requirements and regulations.

As part of this process, a team of IRT managers and staff review requests for any IT need, including software, hardware, IT consulting and IT services.


How Do I Make an ITAP Request?

All requests for technology are now made through the IRT Support Portal. Requests that require evaluation through the Information Technology Acquisition Process (ITAP) will be automatically routed for the appropriate review and approvals. 

For more information about making purchases in the portal, visit 


What Happens After I Submit an ITAP Request?

After you submit an ITAP request, the request first goes to a team of IRT managers and staff for review. If your ITAP request is approved by the IRT review team, your department head or dean will be notified via email and asked to approve the request. Until your department head or dean gives his or her approval, the request will not move forward.

The IRT Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) makes the final decision on ITAP requests. The employee who submitted the request will be notified via email after the CIO has made the final decision on the request.

If the CIO approves the request, the order can then be entered in Banner as a requisition.  Note: After submitting the requisition in Banner, you need to forward your confirmation email and a completed ITAP form to Purchasing.


Which Technology Resources Require ITAP Review?

All technology resources purchased at Rowan University may be subject to ITAP review. You will be directly notified during the purchasing process if your request requires ITAP review


Where Can I Get More Help?

For questions regarding ITAP, contact the Technology Support Center at 856-256-4400, or log in to and click Get Help. 


More Information

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