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RIMS: Policy and Procedures



The objective of the Rowan Identity Management System (RIMS) is to store organizational details about University personnel to maintain physical and electronic access to University resources and data.

This policy outlines the University's expectations for supervisors (approvers) in RIMS and their delegates (proxies). Approvers and proxies will be responsible for collecting, updating and maintaining data in the RIMS application for their department/divisions, including employees' names, job titles and positions.


Approvers and Proxies

  1. RIMS is available at any time through the online RIMS application. For this reason, it is expected that an approver will only have to appoint a proxy in rare circumstances. In those cases, the proxy will be given the same RIMS access as the approver, allowing the proxy to act as the approver within the RIMS application. The use of proxies will be monitored to ensure that the delegation is rare.
  2. While the use of proxies should be limited, an approver may assign a proxy in the RIMS application at any time as long as the proxy is a member of the approver's organization. Only approvers may appoint proxies.



Internal Controls

Approvers should maintain appropriate internal controls for tracking organizational changes and keeping all information within the RIMS application up-to-date. When an individual's job status changes due to a promotion, separation, transfer, or other events, RIMS should be updated immediately to ensure all security access rights are accurately maintained.

Because physical and electronic access will be managed using RIMS data, information about employees, as well as non-employees who may require access rights, must be maintained within the RIMS application. This includes but is not limited to the following individuals: full-time and part-time employees, full-time, 3/4 and adjunct faculty, volunteers, student employees, house-staff, contractors and other individuals, as needed.


RIMS Data Collection, Approval Requests and Validation